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Achieve Inner Peace with Meditation: Techniques, Benefits and Inspirational Teachers

„Achieve Inner Peace with Meditation: Techniques, Benefits and Inspirational Teachers” Wojciech Filaber – all through the times, all over the world, there have been seekers of the truth, many of which dedicated their lives to searching the true meaning of life. These prominent masters were aware that there is ‘’something’’ within each individual that allows to achieve a state of inner peace and contentment. Their effort and interest in allowed them to awaken to discover the true state of one’s inner being. Hours spend on mediation enabled them to release their mind from any external disturbances and concentrate on their experiences within. How to discover the true source of ones being? How one does seeks the truth about the nature of one’s own being in the world? How to access the paradigm within oneself that allows being more at peace? This position is throughout overview for those who are simply interested in the benefits meditation can offer and those who are looking for comprehensive knowledge on this topic. This book is dedicated to the most prominent meditation masters and people who are keen on reflecting on their own life. Open it and you will invite yourself to internal reflection.

This book is ideal source of information that demonstrates the benefits of meditation and how it can significantly improve the quality of one’s mental health and ultimately one’s life. Based on the combined years of experience of masters of meditation this book illustrates what mediation truly is.

The description of the author:
Wojciech Filaber first travelled to Thailand in 2004 and became interested in meditation and Buddhism. Since that journey, he has decided to concentrate on his own evolution. While studying at Middlesex University, he developed a passion in meditation and especially spiritual development. Opportunity to learn from the greatest masters of mediation allowed him to learn how to become reflexive in life and gain valuable knowledge on the topic of meditation.

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